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• DIRECTOR (Traditional & VR)
• CINEMATOGRAPHER (Traditional, VR and Livestream)
• CAMERA OPERATOR (Traditional, VR and Livestream)
• EDITOR (Traditional, VR and Livestream)
• COLOURIST (VR & Traditional)


• 1 x Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6k Camera w/15 stops of Dynamic Range Super 35mm Sensor EF mount with Slow Motion Capabilities (120fps)
• 1 x Fully Rigged BlackMagic Pocket Camera 6k resolution (slow-motion, 14 stops of DR - 4-2-2)
• Sony A7S3 Full-frame mirrorless camera (UHD 4K 120p Video, 10-Bit 4:2:2)
• Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 4k resolution (slow-motion up to 120fps)
• Samsung Gear 360 Virtual Reality VR camera
• DJI Air 2S Drone (5.4K, 4K 60fps, HD 120fps)
• 1 x Fully Rigged Canon 5D Mark II (Full Frame Sensor)
• 1 x GoPro Hero3 (slow motion camera)
• DJI Ronin-S Gymbal
• LAING M30PⅡ Professional Steadicam Kit
• SamYang 1.5 Cine Lens kit (24mm, 35mm, 85mm)
• 2 x Tamron 70-200mm 2.8f zoom lens
• 2 x Tamron 24-70mm 2.8f zoom lens
• Other zoom lenses: Tokina 11-16mm 2.8f; Nikon 70-300mm 4-5.6f
• 24mm Tamron (f2.8), 35mm Nikor (f2) 50mm Canon (f1.8))
• E-Image ES-90 Slider
• iFootage DSLR crane (2m extension)
• 2 x CameTV 1200 LED Light Panels
• 2 x Z96 LED Light Panels
• 2 x China Balls with 300W Fluorescent 'Photographic Lamps'
• 2 x Soft Boxes with 550W Fluorescent 'Photographic Lamps'
• 2 x Miller D10 tripods
• 2 x Davis & Sanford Provista 7518 Cine Tripods
• Professional Sound Recorder Zoom H6
• LanParte Complete Professional HDSLR Filmmaking Kit/Shoulder Rig
• NEWAY 7” 3G-SDI MONITOR : 600cd/m2 - Focus Peaking - In/Out BNC
• Blackmagic Video Assist Monitor/recorder
• 1 x Rode NTG-3B Shotgun Microphone Black
• 2 x Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone System
• 1 x Sennheiser EW112-p G3 Wireless Lapel / Lavalier Microphone System
• 1 x 10 metre XLR cable
• Matteboxes, Baseplates, Follow focuses, V-Lock Powered breakout box, V-Lock batteries)
• Oculus Go Virtual Reality VR goggles
• Backdrop Stand Kit with 5 Muslins (White, Green, Black, Gray & Blue dye)

*I am experienced with most cameras on the market.

About me

I am a freelance 'traditional' and Virtual Reality (VR) Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Colourist with my own cameras, and state of the art editing suite.
I am a member of the ACS (Australian Cinematographer Society), and the ADG (Australian Directors Guild). I live in Sydney, Australia however relocating is not an issue for me.
Besides having a vivid imagination and being a very hard worker who goes where he needs to be in order to finish a project, I have plenty of resilience to offer and I am driven by my passion of filmmaking. I have studied film (Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking) but the important things that I have learned came from life itself and all its curiosities and its strangeness.
I work well independently but I like to think that where I really thrive is in a group environment and I give preference to brainstorming sessions alongside creative minded people. I like to push myself further with every project and I do whatever it takes to get the ‘money shot’.
With the use of my equipment, software and experience I believe I am an asset on any production and I know I can contribute a great deal to any project.

My C.V. Curriculum Vitae


- ‘Zoe’ (Director/Cinematographer/Editor)
Directed by Derek Abel

- ‘Black Heart, Red Hands’ (Cinematographer)
Directed by Russell Southam

- ‘Round Trip’ (Main Unit Cam Op)
Directed by Ren Thackam

- ‘Redemption’ (Director of Photography)
Directed by Uttam Mukherjee

- ‘Homeless Australia, Forgotten Children’ (Director/Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel & Jacob Perrott

- ‘Catch That Shadow’ (Director/Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- ‘Homeless Australia’ (Director/Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel & Jacob Perrott

- ‘One Less God’ (1st Assistant Camera)
Directed by Lliam Worthington

- ‘Ritu’ (Second Unit Director of Photography)
Directed by Manoj Adhikari

- ‘Chimerical’ (Producer)
Directed by Johnny Pickavance

- ‘Kodak Moment’ (Director/Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- ‘Customer Support’ (Director)
Directed by Derek Abel

- ‘Transparency’ (Director of Photography)
Directed by Emmanuel Blessed

- ‘Homeless: A Mile In Their Shoes’ (Director)
Directed by Derek Abel

- ‘One Day on Earth’ (Contrib. Cinematographer)
Directed by Kyle Ruddick

- ‘The Inn' (Writer, Director)
Directed by Derek Abel

- ‘Smoking Gun’ (Writer, Director)
Directed by Derek Abel

– ‘Victim’ (Assistant Camera Operator)
Directed by Alex Pillai

- ‘Waiting for a Stranger’ (Assistant Camera Op)
Directed by Jacob Migicovsky

- ‘4PLAY’ (Cinematographer)
Directed by Nilesh Vasave

- ‘Squatters’ (Director, Producer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- ‘The stranger’ (Director, Producer)
Written & Directed by Derek Abel

Web & Television Series

- 'That Startup Show' (Director of Photography)
Directed by Ahmed Salama

- 'That Startup Show' (Director of Photography)
Directed by Ahmed Salama

- ‘World Parks Congress 2014, Australia (Camera Operator)
Directed by Bernard Rebatel (for Ocean Plus TV)

- ‘Brisbane to Bathurst via Broome in the Bullet’, Australia (Cinematographer)
Directed by Brendan Edgerton (in Post Production)

- ‘YouTube Fan Festival’ (Cinematographer)
Directed by Briana Harrison

- ‘The Stereo Complex’ (1st Ass. Camera)
Directed by Arianna Bosi (in Post Production)

- ‘Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason @ Tower 47’, London
Directed by Derek Abel (in Post Production)

- ‘Fhits Fashion Reality Show’ (Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel (in Post Production)

- ‘How Not To Do A Get-In’ (Camera Operator)
Directed by Tim Gill (in Post Production)

- ‘Dave Shakespeare’, (Camera Operator)
Directed by Frank Tamburin (in Post Production)

Music Videos

- Dakota Urbiztondo - Potato Jam (Director/Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- Kurupt Emcee - High Profile (Director/Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- Kurupt Emcee - Blessed (Director/Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- Ritu Promo Music Video (Cinematographer)
Directed by Utsab KC

- The Dreamers 'Poi D’un Tratto' (Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- Ashleigh K, 'Back to The Start' (Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel (in Post Production)

- Richard de Soussa, 'Sunny Day' (Cinematographer)
Directed by George Langridge

- Krista Papista, 'Pop Music Fans' (Gaffer)
Directed by Laura Hypponen

- Ultrasound ‘Beautiful Sadness' (Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- Judy, 'Judy' (Cinematographer)
Directed by Daria Fissoun (in Post Production)

- Dutch, ''Fraid of Nobody' (Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel

- Slytones, 'Slytones' (Cinematographer)
Directed by Joe Loughrell

- Camo & Krooked, 'Breezeblock', (2nd AC)
Directed by Jack Pirie & Alex Hylands White

- Sonate Project (Cinematographer)
Directed by Jeremie Mangue

Advertising & Promos

- Club W

- Snappr (Cinematographer) Directed by Ed Kearney (Snapper)

- ING Promo (Cinematographer) Directed by Robert Moorman (Hunting With Pixels)

- Westfield Ad w/MasterChef Adam Liaw (Cinematographer) Directed by Rodd Martin (Smart Video Australia)

- SpecSavers w/Alex Perry (Cinematographer) Directed by Rodd Martin (Smart Video Australia)

- VIP Pet Foods (Cinematographer) Directed by Rodd Martin (Vital Signs)

- PwC Global CEO Survey (Cinematographer) Directed by Brad Russell (TAG Worlwide)

- WestPac Promo (Cinematographer)
Directed by Rodd Martin (Vital Signs)

- Atkinson Vinden Promo (Cinematographer)
Directed by Robert Moorman (Hunting with Pixels)

- Ferrari Racing Days (Camera Op)
Directed by Filippa Guarna (Driven Productions)

- Flexirent (Cinematographer)
Directed by Robert Moorman (Hunting with Pixels)

- Australian Walkabout Park (Cinematographer)
Directed by Andrew Cox

- Body Sugaring Australia (Cinematographer)
Directed by Kathryn Patterson

Alber Elbaz & Lancome Promo (Camera Op)
Directed by Dougie Mackie for Lancome

- 10Movies1 Day Project (Cinematographer)
Directed by Derek Abel for Focal Rhythm Productions

- Mowav Advertising Campaign (Director)
Directed by Derek Abel for Mowav UK

- Freeze at the Cathedral (Cinematographer)
Directed by Paul Groom

- Creamfields Festival (Camera Operator)
Directed by Aaron Cazzola

- BENCH Promo (Camera Operator)
Directed by Paul Nolan for Bench UK

- ABC London Marathon (Camera Operator)
Directed by Aaron Cazzola for ABC London Marathon UK

- ABC Touch of Pink (Camera Operator
Directed by Aaron Cazzola for ABC Touch of Pink UK

Contact me

You can reach me on my phone or by email

Phone: +61 4495 34995
Email: Derek@DerekAbel.com

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